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PARKING RENTALS (for residents)
GUEST PARKING (for nonresidents)


 Locations                         # of Parking Spots

                                               2024/2025         2023/2024

120 NW 10th Street                           1                            0   

126 NW 10th Street                          0                             0 

201 NW 10th Street                        0                            0

119 NW 10th Street                         0                            0 

                                   1102 NW 4th Ave                             0                             0                                  

    20 NW 8th Street                             5                               0

Contact Owner for details at 352-275-1259 or


Park in a variety of different lots just east of campus. You will have a designated spot 24/7 that will be easily accessible. The SW 6th Ave lots are conveniently located 1.5 blocks to UF's Norman Hall, 2 blocks to Sorority Row and 6 blocks to campus town this spot allows you to walk to campus. The 11th St and 10th St lots are north of University near the Bank of America, HUBs and Standard.   If you wish to have the lot patrolled by Superior Towing Company, you can choose lots 924 SW 6th Ave.  A few parking spots are currently available and many spots are available for August 2023. Call 352-275-1259 for details. 
Scooter parking is also available.


                           Location                  # of Parking Spots

113 NW 11th St                          10

113 1/2 NW 11th St                     2

120 NW 10th St                           8

20 NW 8th St                              5

1102 NW 4th Ave                       4


Unwilling to pay $250/month to park around campus? Unable to obtain street parking tgahat allows you to park near your home? Interested in finding inexpensive housing away from pricing campus area but need to park close by? 
Whatever your reason, please contact us regarding your parking needs

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