417 1/2 SW 2nd St        1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


417 1/2 SW 2nd Street

Leased for Fall 2022

Located just 6 blocks from the center of town, this one bedroom/one bath apartment provides you with the control over your environment yet a short walk to many social activities downtown (e.g., Cade Museum, Depot Park, Bike Trails, Public Library, Bo Diddley Plaza, Hippodrome, city and county buildings, restaurants and late night entertainment).  The 4th Avenue Food court with SubLime mexican, Pizza and waffles, homemade sausage, and Dick Mondell's Burgers is becoming a gathering place.  The Dorman's who lived and built the houses on this street built this cottage in 1929.  The cottage has two units: on the west 417 (2BR/1BA) and on the east 417 1/2 (BR/1BA) which both have separate entrances and backyards. The home includes off-street parking, as well as extermination, lawn mowing/landscaping, and repair and maintenance.   

 Leased for August 2022 at $780/month for 417.5 and $850/month + utilities for 417.